Friday, December 7

oh, firsts

i have had a lot of firsts in my fourteen years of thriving...
hoooowever, i can only think of one...
my first broken bone.
my finger!
it happened during water polo.
when my finger hit the goal during an intense block.
but my arm is in an inconvenient sling...
so i am crippled
for 6-8 weeks.
which means no water polo.
but after christmas break
i will attempt to get in the water.
i will soon be ambidextrous,
for it is my left hand that i injured
so i am forced to scrawl with my right hand.


Shannon said...

ohh my sweet ambi little sis.

i cant wait to sit and watch a movie together or something when i come home this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, What are you going to do now that you are not this sport person? I was picturing you are getting muscles or something....
love you
Gr ma

Maxdoggie said...

awww...i hope that your broken finger gets better soon.