Wednesday, December 26

funniest/worst christmas present ever (to copy shannon's title)

everyone has a funny story of getting a hideous gift from a grandma or great aunt.

but mine was from my mother. who gave birth to me and knows my taste.

so why on earth would she get me pink pajamas covered with monkeys and bananas?

it's a mystery.

also a mystery is why she would get shannon black, pink, green, and blue Tinkerbell pajamas covered with tacky stars.

i think its because she forgot that we are not in 4th grade anymore.

i was planning on pretending like they were cute, and then breaking the news to dear Mama Leith later, but Shan just lifted hers up, speechless, and then burst out laughing/crying, so I went along with her.

but she had good, honest's the thought that counts?

here is what they looked like (after the precious bree pictures)


Jordan said...

Oh don't feel mother bought my sister and I light pink pajamas and the pants have polka dots and little bunnies everywhere.

Maxdoggie said...

wow. but, like u said, it's the thought that counts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, wish I could have been there to see the pj's! wish I could have just been there with you all! I miss you....
gr ma