Monday, October 29

What I Have Accomplished This Weekend

1 Dreamed about electronic Yahtzee
2 Cleaned the two foot pile of clothes covering my closet floor
3 Flung a giant cow tongue across a room with my teeth
4 Hung up Christmas lights for Halloween
5 Ate junk
6 Watched a video on Prussian Blue, sickening 14-year-old twin White Nationalist girls who have a racist band that sings about how white people need to dominate the world (it is wrong and mean and creepy what these girls sing about. i do NOT agree with the positive things said about them on their website. so don't think that i am a supporter. plus, their voices are ugly.)

What a productive weekend, I know.


Anonymous said...

im kinda scared after you said you flung a cow tongue with your teeth

Alli Hibb said...

That cow tongue FLEW! Well done!

Maxdoggie said...

u flung a cow tongue with your teeth? awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I personally am thrilled to hear about that two-foot pile of clothes being gone. That was scarier than flinging a cow tongue!


heatherleith! said...

good one, mom.