Sunday, October 14

Recipe For Success

7 scented candles
1 bottle of water
1 bag of Goldfish
3 writing utensils, just in case
1 Odyssey Book
1 brainstorm sheet
1 amazing playlist
1 determined Heather
1 friend named Joanna with good study techniques

Finished Product: One completed outline.


Anonymous said...

wow. sounds fun

Anonymous said...

my recipe would also include a treadmill and an antelope.

poncho said...

Write out your thoughts. [=

bryce said...

o my goodness we did a krsm video on here comes the sun... it was amazing (sorry kinda off topic).

Kelly said...

Hey Heather,
Just wondering when you want to pick up the cupcakes on Friday. Right after school (3-3:30ish) would work for me. I might be gone for a couple hours starting at 4.
Let me know what works for you.
Looking forward to seeing you!
Kelly (and Archer)

joanna (: said...

thank you, i take credit for this technique. though the scented candles were your own creation.