Sunday, October 7

a plethora of thoughts for you

>>i saw coach kroegman and her husband at vons! she and my mom chatted it up, and the coach herself referred to me as Spiderlegs.
>>my mother awkwardly told her how i blog about water polo every day.
>>the leiths are proud owners of this keyboard. i love it. it's as thin as a coaster. those cardboard ones.
>>the odyssey is NOT a good book.
>>every time grease is on ABC Family, i turn it on at the same part- rizzo singing that sad song in the halls of rydell high, and then its the Big Race, and then graduation. every single time. why?
>>he looks like a bear. fruit of the loom for meee.
>>i thought juju was a hallucination. but i guess he's real??
>>getting good groceries is satisfying.


rachel kalei. said...

me too! the grease one! the same exact thing happens to me. all the time.

Ju Ju lives!

Anonymous said...


i love love love getting groceries. especially when we get in trouble for making obscene gestures with the fruit.