Monday, October 1


In H20 to the polo, we swam about 70 or 80 laps, with different styles that were all pretty hard-
but I endured.
It is always hard in the beginning, but by the end, your {{empowered}} and there is this >>driving force<< inside of you that pushes you to swim

faster, more agresssively.

[I love it. I lovelovelove it.]

Water polo was such a great choice. Today I had this intense feeling that God had a plan for me- water polo isn't just going to be for fun or for exercise. I had this tap.on.the.shoulder from God, it was like Him whispering in my ear, "I have WAY more than just doing laps planned for you." I had this feeling that he was going to use water polo in my life- either to teach me something about others, Him, l/i/f/e, or ::my own self:: And it was extremely satisfying.

Which really made me think...truly every little thing in my life (and everyone else's) can be used to worship the Lord.

Every little thing.

It all depends on your outlook.

...Know what I'm sayin'?


Anonymous said...

i know what you sayin. true dat true dat. i feel like all of us were really meant to do this-Water Polo. it truly is more than just laps and polo drills.

i am learning something(s) that don't necessarily have to do with water polo.

Shannon said...

i love hearing about your experiences. thanks for sharing


Kayla.Rae said...

I don't know what you're saying, because I would rather do pretty much anything than swim 70 laps in a pool...

But I'm glad you did it!