Wednesday, October 3

Motivational Self-Talk

Today was swimming day.
Swimming day means lots and lots
and lots
and lots
of laps.

So while we were doing laps where you keep the ball in front of you
and push it with your wake, it got really hard.

So I started giving myself a pep talk:

"Heather, come on. This is SO easy. All you have to do is swim and push a ball. Are you serious right now? You think this is hard? It isn't. You can do it. Just push a little farther. Don't think about how your arms are about to amputate themselves.
Just keep going. Honestly Heather, this is a piece of cake.
Just do it."

and this, my friends, is how i survived a billion laps.
i even started going faster. WAY faster. i almost passed the girl in front of me.
it totally worked.
next time your doing something really hard, give yourself this pep talk.

|you will be inspired by yourself|

oh, p.s. lemme know when/if you get tired of the water polo posts.


Anonymous said...

it REALLY works. i use this method for homework- but ESPECIALLY waterpolo. it truly works.

Carson Leith said...

hey heather.
it's carson. (your brother)
i was gonna leave a comment on your last water polo post about water polo to tell you to take a break with blogging about water polo. but i didn't because that's way to mean.

i decided to wait until you asked me in person and/or in a blog if you should stop blogging about water polo.

it happened. on this post actually. (which is why i am commenting)((because NOW it is nice and also acceptable))

so ya, i think you should blog about my little pony or something.



Maddie! said...

i love your water polo posts! im glad you like it so much! i havent seen you in forever. i miss science with you and zeinah and mrs. black :(

G ma said...

Hi Heather - Grandma M here....don't stop on the water polo info 'cause that is how I will know how you are progressing with massive success! Love ya

Kylee said...

Don't ever stop posting the water polo blogs! They are my favorite! I love your personal prep talks. I do the same thing, and they make all the difference! I love that you are playing water polo! I am SOOO proud!!!!