Thursday, October 25

cake club bonding

yesterday--first cake club meeting
zeinah and i--six junior/senior guys
they are somewhat dorky--we had a connection
we ate chocolate cake--one guy's mom baked 4 cherry cakes
C.A.K.E. is a secret acronym--it stands for California Association for Kids Education
but that was only to get it approved by the school board--all we do is sit and eat cake
zeinah and i are planning some cake relay races--so the meetings dont get boring
i am so pumped--too bad we missed vegan/DIY club
i can foretell a sacred bonding--with our 6 fellow cake club members
get ready--get set
this year--is going to be great.


Anonymous said...

wooo cake club!! its going to be so fun

maxdoggie said...

cake club? that sounds like fun!

joanna (: said...

well. cake is my calling.
so i will be at the next cake club meeting. foshizz

Catherine said...

This is great info to know.