Thursday, August 2

I have too much time on my hands.

On Photobucket, I saw an innocent link- "Create Avatar!"

"Awhattheheck?" I thought. Avatars are for computer geeks who play club penguin. Well, I was curious, so I made one anyway.

This is the beautiful result.
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I named her Kara T. Get it? (karate.)

I know, I'm witty.

And SUCH a dork.


jae.jae said...

i love how the backround is like, for a wedding, and then there is Kata T doing her thing.. (:

Chris.tine said...

Pshhh. i just logged off of club penguin.

joanna (: said...

Is that supposed to be you because it resembles not you, but the person who makes Cooper's trees pretty. His name is Miguel

danya genevieve! said...

this is highly bizarre

Anonymous said...

dont try to hide that the name is supposed to mean karate. i know that it is a secret message of morse code for my name hence my last name in the name

joanna (: said...

i do not get you, zz