Sunday, August 12

Be Real.

With yourself. With others. With God.

There is no need to lie to yourself,
to others,
or to the one who created you and
knows your every thought.
Be real. Don't fake yourself out.
Be honest with yourself.
Tell God what's really going
on with you.
He knows,
He understands,
He forgives,
He comforts.
Don't think of God as someone
who came to save
and then gave you
a free ticket
to heaven.
Know Him as
your Father,
your Comforter,
your Refreshment,
your Best Friend,
who you talk to daily,
who you strive to please,
who you worship,
who you live your life for,
who you turn to,
who you rest in,
who you give your all to,
who you give up everything else for,
who you turn to when your friends think your being "too religious,"
who you keep your identity in,
who knows every part of you and your brain.

[be real.]
there's no reason not to.