Sunday, April 22

Yippee for Heather's Newfound Talent!

"What is it?" Well. Lemme tell you. I can pull of a sweet British/Australian accent. I discovered this talent today at the mall with some Wildside amigas. We talked in accents the whole time.

We were at the register in Nordstrom's when I asked the girl if a certain ring sold very well in my accent. (The ring was really creepy- it was a deer with beady diamond eyes.) The girl looked very confused, and was like, "What??"
I repeated myself. "Does this ring sell well?"
"Does it sow...huh??" she said with a puzzled expression.
"DOES IT SELL WELL." I said articulately.
" No." She said, still extremely confused. As we rang up, Allison said, "We're playing this game where we all talk in accents." The girl looks at both of us, not getting it.

So I said in my accent, "Thot's why I'm tolking loike this." Poor lady does not get it. Allison helped her out. "She doesn't really have a British accent." Lady starts to get it. "Oh....OH. OHH. Wait. OH MY GOSH! YOU TOTALLY HAD ME!" she has this Valley Girl voice, so she sounded REALLY dumb. She was really loud and was just screaming and laughing. "Wait!" she said, "So you are American? Ohmigosh you HAD ME GOING! What if I talked like that? How FUNNY! Wait. Talk for real."

"Umm....hi. my name is Heather." I said.

"OH! HAHAHAHAHA! OH MY GOSH!" She was so ditzy it was not even funny. Actually, it was funny.

So for the rest of the day we proceeded to speak in British accents to everyone. People were staring at us for like the whole time. So anytime you need some British/Australian comfort...Who you gonna call? Heather Leith!


joanna (: said...


Estupi├▒an...with a ├▒ said...

dear heather leith,
while pancho, jen, and i were in the shoe department, we got some freaky looks...we smiled at them, said hi, in fantastic accents, and kept looking at shoes.
your esperience was quite halarious might i say though...
your wildside amiga,