Thursday, April 12

Easter bags, conga lines, and trash

Yesterday, Wildside went to a few different places to do community service projects. Of course, Heather Leith was there to join in on the festivities.
The Agenda:

1. Go to FloJo park to decorate and fill Easter Bags and make Easter cards.
2. Deliver Easter bags to nursing home and have an Easter Party/ Egg Hunt with them.
There was a man there playing songs for us- we all danced with the residents.

Two old ladies full on, single-handedly started a conga line. It evolved to this.
p.s. that girl in the blue is not me.

These two ladies were so adorable. The one in the pink knew every song that the piano man played, and she would just stand with a concentrated look on her face and do a routine. The one in the gray was dancing with a girl and she just wrapped her leg around the poor girl rambunctiously.
Rachel Styffe dancing with Mitzy. I did an egg hunt with Mitzy, and she kept going really fast. She almost fell three times. After we found like 12 eggs, I was like "Okay, I think we're done." And she goes, "No. No we're not done yet. We have to keep going." She was determined. Most of the residents had Alzheimer's, and so we would be talking to them and they would just get all confused or be like, "Where's my sister?" I felt bad. However, they were all gems.

3. Pick up trash at the beach. 4. Go to Golden Spoon. This kid Oscar was trying to flirt with me, Melody, and Rachel the whole time. He needs to work on his skills. He wrote his number on the window with his finger, and pressed his butt and face against the window. We were all truly bizarred. Step up on your game, Oscar. We are not impressed. : )

What a productive day. We showed old people the love of God, and helped our community by cleaning a very gross beach. Hooray!


Estupi├▒an...with a ├▒ said...

cute cute cuteee!!

heather...whats your e-mail so that i can add you to the people who look at my blog?

does anyone know alice's e-mail

heather.christianne said...

i think alice's is

FLOWERCHILD :] said...


Mel East said...

omg I had sooo much fun oscar definitly needs to work on flirty thats no way to pick up girls lol

Mel East said...

hey could you send me the pics any more??

Short Blonde Freckled One said...

hah! I wish i could have gone! love you all and those old people are so cute! i love preppy old folks! haha! they are hilarious!

Shannon said...

i love your blog.
i love your life. said...

Heatther can you email me pictures of all of our Flat me's at

rochelle said...

supppper cute said...

you know in that one picture where you said its not you? well i think that girl is in my grade and i think i might know her do you know her name?

heather.christianne said...

No she is in 7th or 8th grade.