Thursday, April 12

Spring Break With Padre: Experience #1

Bizareness. This word pretty much sums up my dinner on Day 1 of Santa Barbara.

My dad and I ventured out for dinner at Bistro 1111. (for real, that was the name.) We sit and start looking at our menus, and what do I hear behind me?

"Oh, look at the menu! SO many great choices! Oh look- pork roast, Caeser salad, and OH! Cedar Ceared Salmon !"
This person was talking in a high-pitched, yet low, enthusiastic (aka gay) voice. So as this person is rambling in this bizarre voice to it's friends, I am a tad puzzled by it's voice. So I turn around... and what do I find?
...Cross Dressers. Three Men dressed as women. Men with broad shoulders and long hair in halter tops and sequined blouses.
I see this sight and turn back around. I stare at my dad. He is staring at them, disapprovingly, frowning ever so slightly. A smile creeps on my face. I am laughing silently to myself. This situation is NOT NORMAL. We try to continue to look at the menu, but these cross-dressers continue to chatter in their...ecclectic voices. I cannot contain myself. My dad is still staring, dis-satisfied. So, we are just sitting, trying to pretend like there is not three cross dressing men in sequined halter tops behind us. My dad is finally like, "Heather, I think we should go somewhere else. One, this restaraunt has high prices, two, these drag queens are freaking me out." I just start laughing and we get up and start to walk out. When we pass their table, one of the men (women?) leans over in his chair and coos, "Helllooooooo!" (think Mrs. Doubtfire) to me, but secretly they are all eyeing my dad. I just half-smile at them and keep walking. When we get out of the restauraunt, my dad and I are speechless. We are laughing, but then at the same time we are exteremly disturbed. My dad and I will forever be bonded...


Christine said...

that is very awkward! but yet very funny at the same time

FLOWERCHILD :] said...


FLOWERCHILD :] said...

One question. Why are you posting at 1:02 AM???

Short Blonde Freckled One said...

that is hilarious!I know this would be rude but I would just burst out laughing! they might look over but yeh! i would crack so hard! i wish i was there! well not really but yeh! sounds liek you had fun?! I am waiting for the 5th grader thing with byou supposedly rapping for the audience? ok bye@!