Sunday, April 1

2 Games I Highly Recommend

1. Easter Egg Hunt- i played this onstage in wildside today. there were all these plastic eggs filled with chocolate, pickles, olives, baby food, gummies-really random food. one egg had a whistle. so me and the other contestants had to open up and eat the contents of the eggs until we found one with a whistle. it was so fun-i ate a pickle, then a chocolate egg, then i got this huge egg with all this stuff when this guy found a whistle. oh well.

2. The Water Game- where you and a friend hold water in your mouth and try to make the other person laugh. i was playing with jessie, and i lost, and then we played again- but she decided to spit her water in my face. so then i chased her and spit water in her ear/head. i highly highly recommend playing The Water Game.

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J.E.S.S.I.E. said...

haha, yesss...when we got to play the egg spitting game, totally think we should have won. oh well, the water game totally made up for it.


i love heath doggy!!!<3