Sunday, January 28

Hooray for Wildside.

What have I been doing ALL weekend? SInging and having a blast with my church buds.
Here was my weekend.

4:00-Arrive at church for practice.
6:30-8:00- Sing/attend the service. Participate in Simon Says.
8:00- Go home. Go to bed late.

8:15-Arrive with bags under my eyes for practice.
9:00- singgg, then Simon Says again. I almost won.
9:45-Go to AM PM, get a glorious Icee and some Stride gum. delish.
10:00- Go to the church offices and play hide and go seek tag. Then watch YouTube videos.
10:45-Wait for shuttle whilst playing football. Then go back up to church.
10:50- Play football.
11:15-Sing. I now am upgraded to praying and talking to the audience before we sing.
11:30-Try to read a book for stupid English. It didn't work.
11:40- Play Frisbee golf.
12:45- Attend the Philippines informational meeting.
1:50- Go to food court. Recommend the song "House at Pooh Corner" to the lady singing. Do interpretive dance.
2:20- Go to Target. Play tag.
3:10- Go back to church, play football and skateboard.
4:30-Sing. Talk about canned food drive.

Yes, i adore church. BUT I AM POOPED MAN. I am going to bed now.

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